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A system for Career and Technical Educators to help students prepare for Career, College and/or Military.

The average district is missing out on $500k-$1.5M a year on additional funding for their student. Let us help you find better ways to track and increase your funding. 

Simplify and Automate Reporting


To help educators connect to industry and students can complete activities to prepare for life after graduation.

This is how we do it:

  • Promote CTE Programs related to in-demand careers to increase student enrollment 
  • Integrate with Student Academic System of Record to support counselors and 360 support 
  • Integrate with higher ed credential wallet to integrate College Readiness standards into their professional profile. 
  • Provide easy enrollment and access to dual credit, Industry-Based Level I or II Certifications and license programs directly related to the career path and job requirements.
  • Make available workforce readiness content to support individualized education program.
  • Match and place them in practicums, 1st job and goal job
  • Track and report on post-graduation career, college and military decisions

Business Case for pepelwerk

Increase CMMR Funding

Leverage pepelwerk technology and services to help increase, measure and report on activities that increase funding.

Outcomes Bonus and Grants


Let pepelwerk help you get more done for CTE.

The student's success is your success

We help measure, deliver activities and report on 2023 Academic Accountability System Design: Student CCMR Requirements. 

Teacher training and professional development for CCMR content may include:
  • Equipment and supplies associated with providing teacher training and professional development for CCMR content.
Student preparation for CCMR content may include:
  • A college credit earning opportunity, including AP, IB, CLEP, and Dual Credit courses.
  • Expense for preparation and/or earning an industry-based certification, excluding the one a student chooses for reimbursement.
Counseling and advising services may include:
  • Activities to help students identify which courses prepare them for a specific career or college degree plan. 
  • Activities to provide awareness and support for students who wish to enlist in the military.

Work-based learning (WBL) opportunities may include:

  • Videos and training for externships and internships.
  • Lessons to gain employability skills.
  • Intermediator contracts for services to facilitate/monitor students and work experience.

CTE and Industry-Based Certification (IBC) activities may include:

  • Student and parent awareness sessions.
  • Pre-certification assessment activities.
  • Travel to test centers for IBC.

College and Career Readiness School Models (CCRSM) may include:

  • Exploration activities and pre-planning year expenses.
  • Establishing an advisory team.
  • Operating expenses
  • Negotiating college and business partnerships.
  • Community outreach to encourage enrollment.