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Career Exploration

The job market changes quickly and we want you to explore your options so you can prepare for in-demand careers.

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Career Exploration Events

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Career Exploration Events.

Career Exploration events allow people to get informed about possible in-demand career options, get internships and make a knowledge building plan to get the skills and education need.

We want people to have the information, resources and support to make informed decisions about their work-life.  

Our unique event experiences powered by the pepelwerk platform means attendees get the better-quality matches, connections and outcomes.

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People (Talent)

Who should attend?

People attend this event to explore careers, match with learn-on-the job paid and unpaid work opportunities and prepare for their future. We have events for people who are 15-18 years of age and 18-26. 

Why should you attend? 

To explore in-demand jobs so you can make a plan to reach your work-life goals. You can register to attend any event to explore and participate in any activity. However, if you are member of our Talent community, we will pre-plan your job matches, networking connections, learning opportunities to close skills gap and prepare you for landing that goal job with advice from career coaches and mentors.  

When and where? 

We have multiple events scheduled throughout the year. The majority of our events are virtual. 

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How much is it to attend? 

For people who are not members of pepelwerk and do not have a completed Talent profile or they are not sponsored by their organization, school or company, each event is $25. 

Non-members can register to attend without any prescheduled interviews, sessions or meet and greats. 

Talent member with an annual memberships pay $12/event and get a customized event plan, matched with interviews, sessions and meet and greats. 

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Learning is forever. Learn how to build a career and learn at the same time.

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It's your work-life own it and get the tools, jobs and education you need to reach your earning, learning, working and connecting goals.

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Learn about how to avoid mistakes and all the things you didn't know. you didn't know about accomplishing your work-life goals in the 21st Century.

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Who should attend?

Companies who want to hire candidates for learn on the job opportunities and increase awareness for your jobs and industry. 

What kind of jobs are best for a pepelwerk career exploration event? 

Our  career exploration events are perfect for your learn-on-the job roles.

f you are hiring for entry or intermediate skilled roles, consider a Match event.

Who are the candidates/individuals attending a career exploration event? 

Events are group by 16-18 year old attendees and 18-26 year old attendees and attend with the parents, sponsor or school. 

How is a pepelwerk career exploration event different from a match event traditional career fair? 

The goal of the event is to help people learn how the job market is changing and bring education and work together to help our next generation have a realistic perspective to create realistic work-life goals.

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Why should you attend? 

To hire and build your workforce. 

When and where? 

We have multiple events scheduled throughout the year. The majority of our events are virtual. 

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The next generation does not want to to apply to your jobs they want to match. Find out how and why.

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Learn more about how to hire and work with young employees.

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Learn how job fit by attitude, attributes and abilities-skills improves your quality of candidate.

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In addition to our events, learn about the features and benefits of creating a work hub account.

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Who should attend? 

Connectors attend the event by having a home base that your students can go to and commune and check-in during an event. 

As a connector, you are sponsoring the ticket and the technology needed for them to get the most out of the event. 

Connectors who attend and sponsor their students want to improve and measure student outcomes and success, expand and evolve career services and connect education to industry to build a future ready workforce. 

What is the difference between a Career Exploration event and a Match event? 

Career Exploration events focus on exploration, exposure and work readiness. 

Match events focus on the outcomes of the participants work, earn, learn and connecting goals.

Each event is separated by age group and purpose. 

How is pepelwerk career exploration events different? 

We focus on making meaningful experiences and connections that result in something directly related to the attendees' goals. We are able to track and report on outcomes specific to your student group. 

Why should you attend and sponsor your students? 

Outcomes. You want your students to achieve their goals and we are able to help you do that. 

When and where? 

We have multiple events scheduled throughout the year. The majority of our events are virtual. 

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Give students control over their future

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Learn more about Student Success Platform

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Learn about why your success is important to us.

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The job market changes faster than ever. Give your students the option to explore careers and jobs they didn't even know existed.

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Who should attend? 

Any post-secondary educator who wants to match with interested learners. A post-secondary educator is any educator/knowledge provider after high school that offers course, certificates, industry certifications or degrees.

Who are the people attending the event?

People attending the event are those that are interested in getting the knowledge they need to get their goal job/career. 

How is a pepelwerk match event different from any other event? 

In addition to creating exposure to interested learners, you will have a unique opportunity to connect your education to industry to help people evolve with work. 

If you are a current customer and have an Educator Hub account, you will use this event to complete mass registrations and answer your new learners questions.  

Why should I attend? 

To enroll people in your programs and increase exposure to your organization.

When and where? 

We have multiple events scheduled throughout the year. The majority of our events are virtual. 

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Community Organizations

Why should I sponsor? 

The job market is changing 100x faster than it did a decade ago. The transition in technology, how people work, what they want from work and how they get work are different.  We want you to actively participate in closing the skills gap, making advanced technology accessible to everyone and building a future ready work force. 

What do I get for sponsoring? 

Typically sponsors of any pepelwerk event choose to do so because it aligns to mission or social impact goals of the organization. 

There are 4 levels of sponsorship that you can choose. 

Submit your Interest Form Here and we will send you sponsor details. 

Ready to participate and choose your level of sponsorship? Check options and reserve your participation. 

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Coaches, Mentors and Speakers

If you are interested in being a paid coach for pepelwerk, register here.

If you are interested in being a volunteer mentor, register here. 

If you are interested in being a key-note speaker or small group presenter and looking to represent your company, school or organization you must be registered for the event. 

If you are interested in being a key-note speaker or small group presenter and representing yourself, register here. 

pepelwerk makes it easier for everyone to evolve with the future of work. 

Career Exploration Event