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So you can focus on creating a curriculum that teaches the skills needed for this fast-moving working world. We want you to be known for the quality of your course content and for being amazing teachers. We want to be known for keeping your enrollment high and for keeping you connected to the working world.
The goal of educators leveraging pepelwerk is to simplify getting qualified students enrolled in their courses, degrees, licensing or certificate based programs, support real-time career services and stay closer than ever to the demands of the job market.
By providing access to a Talent marketplace and the option of optimizing the current workforce, pepelwerk provides businesses the flexibility of hiring with the least amount of noise in a direct hire environment.
In our Educator Hub case studies document you can expect to see some real-time stories around:


  • New learner matching
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Career Services
  • How to complete your digital experience with your learning management system

We're a people-driven company that uses technology to improve the work lives for the next generation of educators and the students they teach.


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