One Hiring Hub that does so much more...

So you can focus on your culture, engage your people and advance your business strategies.
The goal of companies leveraging pepelwerk is to simplify administration, leverage technology, mitigate risks associated with hiring and make evolving with trends in the job market second nature.
By providing access to a Talent marketplace and the option of optimizing your current workforce, pepelwerk provides businesses the flexibility of hiring with the least amount of noise in a direct hire environment.
In our Hiring Hub case studies document you can expect to see some real-time stories around:
  • Talent Acquisition 
  • Talent Building /Re-Skilling
  • Continuous Learning
  • Resource Planning 
  • Vendor Management 
  • API Into HR Software Stack
  • Zero Implementation
We're not a staffing company or outsourcing company. We're a people-driven company that uses technology to improve the work lives for the next generation of businesses and the Talent they hire. 

Download our Hiring Hub case studies to see for yourself the impact we're creating and how we're preparing companies for the Future of Work.
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