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Our report into the modern recruitment methods that are changing how employers find talent will help you transform your hiring approach in 2020 and the long-term. 

blank-book-templateAre you fed up of overspending on job boards, agencies and pay-per-click, with a poor quality of candidates in return? We hear you. Meanwhile, job seekers are faced with a daunting search and the next generation of talent is at odds with the resume-based application process.

Pepelwerk’s handy report for employers will open your eyes to a better way of recruiting today for the talent of tomorrow!

What is the “experience economy era”?

The experience economy era is a cultural change, influenced by digital technology and modern content consumption trends. We look at how this experience era is changing the way the next generation of talent approaches the working world and how employers can meet their expectations through new hiring methods.

Companies must shift their philosophy and modernise. This new generation won’t engage with outdated methods of recruitment. They want companies to connect with them and offer flexibility, mobility and a clear picture of brand culture.

Key themes covered in this white paper for recruiters

  • Hiring tactics for the experience economy era
  • Why skills matching is the future of hiring
  • Communicating the “why” behind your brand
  • Technology & tools to improve your recruitment process
  • The philosophy behind this new era in hiring
  • Attracting a new generation of talent to your business

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Who is this recruitment report for?

Our vastly experienced team of recruitment experts and HR specialists have hired for every industry you could imagine. This white paper about modern recruitment methods and the future of hiring offers the latest approaches to attracting new talent in an experience economy era.

The report is aimed at:

  • Forward-thinking recruiters looking to modern hiring methods and tools to attract quality over quantity of candidates
  • HR executives frustrated by traditional and outdated hiring approaches and considering shaking things up to deliver a better hiring experience for emerging talent
  • Business owners and C-Suite members struggling to find talent with the right skills and attributes, for the right price

AI-based skills matching: the future of hiring

Pepelwerk is the all-in-one recruitment & HR platform, which uses intelligent skill-matching technology to match Employers with Talent. Powered by AI, our modern solution for recruiters allows employers to create a profile that outlines their brand culture, post jobs to a private talent tool, and manage and communicate with matches directly from their portal.

We’re the matchmakers of the working world

Revolutionising the hiring game by matching talent to work based on specific skills, attributes and experience. No searching, just matching. It’s all about context, which our laser-focused software incorporates through machine learning.