The easiest way to implement a learning and development program to help your employees to learn new skills.

pepelwerk offers companies hiring- technology, solutions and services that make it simple and sustainable for your business to upskill existing employees and build your future workforce.

When use the pepelwerk work hub to upskill your employees you get access to new ways of connecting skills to in-demand jobs

Why do businesses choose pepelwerk work hub to upskill and reskill employees? 

1. Simple automation that manages the administration 

2. Access to thousands of courses, certificates, license and degree-based programs

3. Improve employee retention

4. Manage tuition reimbursement programs and access grant funding to help subsidize the cost of continued education

How do we do that? 

  • pepelwerk Work Hub skills-based job and learning matching.
  • Simple to use technology and experiences for the employee and managers.

Why do we do it?

Companies need a simple effective way to help people change with evolving job responsibilities.

Why should I become a customer of pepelwerk? 

The benefits to your business, your community and the next generation are so significant that I'm not sure why you wouldn't.  You can try to compete for millions of dollars of funding, spend the administration time and expense to search, seek apply for and manage funds, and maintain the technology needed to deliver. Or, you can benefit from our established, easy, accessible processes to bring economies of scale to reduce waist in talent acquisitions costs and leave you more budget to offer competitive wages. Most importantly, more time to focus on your people, customers and culture. 

Where does pepelwerk get the funding for our clients to subsidize knowledge building activities to upskill or reskill current employees and develop candidates?

pepelwerk works with non-profit organizations, government's and civic organizations that allocate money every year to us.  The money must be used for knowledge building activities that make it possible for the individual to retain employment or start to get paid for work opportunities. Your company does NOT receive access to this funding. You are only making it accessible to employees and future hires. 

Does my business qualify for access to these funds?

Every country, state and non-profit have different qualification rules. In general, you must be able to provide documentation that you are legitimate business and that you have employee identification number in the geography in which you hire.  For the US Grant money, every employee that you want to allocate money to has to be a US citizen and have SSN. 

What is the cost to my business for this program or using pepelwerk? 

You must have an annual contract with pepelwerk for workforce building services. The annual cost of that contract varies by company. Talk with your Customer Success manager to learn more. You will work with your Customer Success manager to determine the budget for continued education costs. 


Options for you to start benefiting from pepelwerk solutions and experiences:  

1. If you are new to peplewerk, create your work-hub account. If you are existing client, talk to your Customer Success manager about converting your account to a workforce building account. 


2. Complete this eligibility form if you are interested in getting funding to subsidize the cost of continued education. 




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