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It’s your work life, own it 
with your own AI Career Guide

Staying relevant in a fast changing job market doesn’t have to be so hard.

Use pepelwerk AI Career Guide and Identity Protection Wallet to make it easier on yourself.


Starting at $180 for preferred membership.



Why adults in career transition use pepelwerk

Join the thousands of people who have taken control of their personal career data and accomplished work, earning, learning, and connecting goals.

For 20 years the leadership of pepelwerk has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve work-life success. Now more than ever people need to secure and own their career data and take ownership of their career success. Using the pepelwerk AI Career Guide and Personal Identity Protect Wallet we make it possible.

1.  Get recommendations based on your goals and personal needs.

2. Get real-time in-demand career recommendations based on their unique attitude, attributes, and abilities.

3. Make the right investments in education.

4. Create a secure career wallet that is shareable and trackable.


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Make the job market and education work for you. 

Why recruiters use pepelwerk Professional Growth

Tools to enhance and protect your professional identity.

* Decision Making Strategies for Life.
* Private Profile and Activities.

Why recruiters use pepelwerk Career Coach and Mentor Match

Realistic advice to reach work-life goals.

* Meet with retired HR experts and Mentors matched based on goal jobs.

Why recruiters use pepelwerk Career Exploration, Job Match, and Placement

Personalized REAL in-demand jobs.

* AI Career Prediction Tools
* AI Assessments for Career Recommendations
* Skills PRoficieny Development
* Career Exploration Events
* Apprenticeships, Internship, First-Time Job, and Goal Job Placement.

Why recruiters use pepelwerk Personalized Learning Plans

Get a return on investment.

* Get access to education from Masterclass, Universities, colleges trade schools at a reasonable price that teaches the skills needed for the goal job.

Why recruiters use pepelwerk Financial Literacy

Learn how work-life goals impact financial health.

* Personal Finance Advice.
* Warnings when decisions don’t align with financial goals.

Why recruiters use pepelwerk Personal ID Wallet

Reduce exposure to personal identity.

* This one tool will contain all of your valuable information so that it is not exposed to social selling sites and data brokers.


Launch Them Into Success


Starting at $180/year
plus any optional service fees.


  • own your personal information and control who shares and sees it
  • save $6,000-$15,000 on ongoing education
  • peace of mind that your information isn’t exposed data brokers
  • less uncertainty about career options and reaching work-life goals
  • a tool that you can use throughout your work life to be prepared for the changing job market

Payment Options

All services are paid upfront. No refunds.




Companies looking to develop and hire skilled candidates.

Simple tool to help you hire people for in-demand jobs in the esports industry.

Candidates are looking for companies like yours that have the culture, team and job they are looking for. 

pepelwerk people app will help you get your goal job:

  • Take your AI assessment to help design your career plan.

  • Get matched with companies interested in your Attitude, Attributes and abilities.

  • Develop the skills you need to get the goal job.

  • Reach your income, learning, working and connecting goals.

  • Talk with experienced career coaches and mentors.

  • Get hired and start working in your goal job.