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Modern Career Fair

Attend a pepelwerk match event to meet, match and accomplish work-life goals.

Match Events

Career Fairs of the 21st Century

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We want to make the time you spend working towards your work-life goals easier. This means providing information, connections and opportunities at the right time personalized for you. 

People are not interested in resume gaming, table touring and applicant tracking systems. They are interested in experiences that are a good use of time and involve meaningful conversations with people.

Our unique ability to create events that connect to the power of the pepelwerk platform means that we can get better results for the people, companies, educators and community organizations that participate.

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Career fairs are out. Create your profile on your pepelwerk app and we will invite you to Match Events throughout the year.

Resources to Keep You Ready For the Future of Work


Your work-brand is the part of your life that shows off why you are great person to work with and why you are the one to a job done.

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Work-life goals include work, earn, learning and connecting. Read more and add your goals into your pepelwerk app.

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If you are not in a secure marketplace experience and or not using your pepelwerk Talent profile to protect your personal data, you should learn about the 6 things to pay attention when reviewing a job description or click and apply bait.

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The working world is complex but this guide will give you insights on how to make it work for you so you can stay ready for the future.

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Match events make it possible for you get pre-planned interviews and create information sessions with your candidates all in one 2 hour event. Create your Work Hub account and add Event Modules. 


Learn the difference between volume tactics of sourcing and recruiting and the real cost of hire to the economy, social impact, your goals and your budget.

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Get our experience perspective on hiring the next generation of work and learn why they are not interested in a resume or application system.

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A resume is a good tool for certain jobs but not all of them. Learn how building a job profile and using AAA pepelwerk hiring method helps you reduce bias and improves quality of candidate.

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In addition to Match events, pepelwerk offers Career Exploration events. Learn how you can participate to help build the workforce of the future.

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Match Events are only available to Connectors and their users with an annual subscription. 


The siloed staged approach to education and work is dead. Learn how you can integrate the student success, education and work and build a future ready workforce.

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Give them the gift of managing their work-life.

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Learn how pepelwerk events and apps are better for student outcomes and career matching than resume based systems.

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Our job is to increase your reach, improve your outcomes and connect education to industry.

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