You got work-life goals? Who doesn’t. We all want to reach our income goals, do work that helps us reach those goals, get the knowledge we need to keep up with in-demand jobs and connect with other people who have similar professional interests. Get advice from mentors and coaches who can help you pick your career and get intel on how others are solving problems in the world that you are interested in solving.

Join the pepelwerk community to work, earn, learn and connect to meet your work-life goals and get access to the most innovative tools, resources and experiences.


Goal Tracking and Support

You might just want a job, or you might want to prepare for your next job. Maybe you want to increase your income and upskill yourself to keep in-demand skills. You might want connect with people that are interested in solving the same kinds of problems you are. Whatever your goals are- you can set them in the app, track your progress get helpful guidance along the way and optional support services such as career coaches and mentors.

Create a Unique Talent Profile

Because a resume doesn’t capture all that you have to offer, no resumes are needed. The best way to keep you doing work is by helping you get recognized by companies hiring for your natural attitude and attributes and abilities. We are all about helping you identify what makes you ready and capable to get the job that best fits you. And you can opt in to different tools to help build a talent profile that shows off who you are and your work brand.

Match with Jobs to Work on Purpose or For a Purpose

Sometimes jobs are just jobs that help you get the income you need to do things you like. Sometimes jobs are part of a career that lets you do work that is your purpose. Either way, you can match with them here. From first-time job to experienced skilled professionals, we’ve got your job match. Projects, shifts, full-time to part-time and everything in-between.

Communication and Feedback

No ghosting or applying here. Just swipe right on the jobs you want to be considered for and left on the ones you do not. Get real-time progress checks and communication from the companies you match with to know exactly where you are in the process. Get the feedback you need to understand why certain jobs or companies are not the best fit for you.

Job Exploring with Virtual Reality

You want to know what a day-in-the life of is like for a job before you decide if you are interested or want to accept an offer. lanch members get to preview the work when companies hiring choose to add a VR experience to jobs you match with or when the job is a goal- job for you.

It's Your Work Life. Own the Data

Share your secure profile. Verify your identity and background and reduce access to your personal identifiable information. Every time you apply for a job or accept an offer. No more giving away your personal data when you apply for jobs.


Make sure that jobs you match with meet your expectations for pay and other benefits, perks and programs that matter to you BEFORE you swipe right.


Learning and getting educated to get the knowledge that you need to get the jobs you want is easier than ever. We help you pick the right knowledge building activities directly related to your goal job, reduce costs and find ways to help cover or subsidize the cost.


Talk to experienced working professionals to help you define and reach your work-life goals or get insights from professionals who are doing what your goal-job is.

No matter what stage of your work-life you are in, we are a great tool to help you accomplish goals to help you make the most out of it.

Create your talent profile on pepelwerk and see if you are a match!

Change the way you job seek — or you’ll keep repeating the cycle of applications.