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4 Tried-and-True Ways to Help Your College Students Find Jobs

As college students transition to the job market, they face unique challenges. 

How to Help Your Child Transition from High School or College to a Career

Parents want the best for their children, but it can be challenging to help them navigate the transition from student to worker. Ensuring your child is career-ready includes many factors beyond just...

6 Things to Pay Attention to When Reading a Job Description

As a job-seeker, how closely do you read job descriptions? They are often long-winded and full of jargon and buzzwords, so how do you know what to pay attention to?

5 Ways to Support Your Students in Post-Graduation Success

Educators are passionate people. It’s a hard job, but it can be so rewarding. Your task is to help each student find success in whichever path best suits their goals and desires. 

Resumes Are So 20th Century—Utilize AI Job Matching to Discover Your Perfect Candidate

Resumes can include lots of impactful information—eloquent objectives and details of experience—but they aren’t necessarily the most effective way to find the perfect candidate. Many times, you never...

Texas Career and College Readiness: Meeting TEA’s 60x30TX Plan Requirements and Delivering Outcomes for Students

The modern education ecosystem has changed substantially over the past few decades. Classroom initiatives were much simpler before the digital revolution and the arrival of more tech-savvy...

AI Solutions Combined with a Career-Matching Platform: A Match Made in Heaven

The world of work has dramatically changed in the past few years. A new set of rules exist for those seeking careers and the employers that need them. As a result, your role as job matchmaker is...