Whether you’re just starting a business as a solopreneur or you’re the CEO of a global enterprise, you’ll face the same fundamental business challenges. It’s a hyper-competitive global economy. You have to be a creative visionary, master of strategy and a leader worth following, and ensure the entire business mission and strategy comes together. A tough ask, right? Not if you have the right people, tools and technology partners.


What Do You Need to Make Your Business a Success?

Making your business successful involves more than just showing up every day. Businesses needs the following things to thrive:
reliable technology
intuitive and logical processes
the right product-market fit
solid financial planning
skilled people
Deciding what your plan of action is will vary by your experience, leadership style and the industry that you’re in. You’ll also find that your business choices and strategies will evolve over time. So, it’s crucial to find suitable technology partners along the way to help your company to grow and stay relevant.


The Solution to a Successful Business is Finding the Right Partners

pepelwerk is changing the way companies find the job seekers they need to thrive. Our Hiring Hub helps you hire the right people, at the time, at optimal cost. We’ve simplified how our platform integrates with your software stack, thanks to suitable technology partners that support our offering. These modern business solutions help companies to be more agile. Our Hiring Hub integrates with various business systems and marketplaces, such as Salesforce and Capterra, to offer seamless management of data and personnel.
Traditional hiring methods are outdated – we’re the new wave! pepelwerk enhances your hiring and employee experience. It’s an efficient and effective way to match businesses with the people they need to keep work moving.


How do pepelwerk's Technology Partners Support Each Business Phase?

The Business Building Phase

You’ve created your offering, evolved your products and services, and ticked all the R&D boxes. Now it’s time to identify the skills and resources needed to get the work done. The great news is that our trademarked resource-planning methods and consulting services help you scope jobs and future work requirements.
Are you using software tools to help you plan your business needs against expected revenue? Things like resource capacity planners, scheduling tools or financial forecasting tools. You can add the results of our work to your systems. Financial Force, Projector and Netsuite are just a few of the software partners that pepelwerk integrates with.

Marketing and Sales

Now you know what you need to deliver and have a strong financial plan in place, you just need to make it rain dollars! Whether you use a Marketing hub like HubSpot, a CRM like Salesforce or an Excel spreadsheet to manage your opportunities, you need to know your workload. This helps you to hire new candidates at the right time, in line with your revenue.

Technology Partners for Recruitment

Utilizing suitable software platforms for managing marketing and sales activities is vital. And our integration with these types of technology partners makes resource planning a heck of a lot easier!

Delivery of Services

Build, scope, sell, deliver. When it comes to hiring in 2020 and beyond, you’re faced with a myriad of ways to add new people to teams and deliver the work you’ve promised clients. If they are contractors, part-time workers, contingent or “learn-on-the job” candidates, they leverage the benefits of our people app memberships to manage their money, career opportunities, and other perks.
If you’ve hired full-time employees, we can assist in transitioning profiles and documents into your HR management system. pepelwerk integrates with Workday and our solution partners Oracle, ADP or Gusto, who help with everything from payroll to time and attendance.
We have technology partners to meet the HR and recruitment needs of companies from hire to retire, and everything in between. Our Hiring Hub handles all your pre-hire requirements, and our partnerships make sure that businesses can seamlessly manage their existing and future workforce.


Summary: It’s Time to Find Your Career Match

As operators of a global company, we know the value of keeping up with technology but also making that adoption and transition into the future of work as smooth as possible. Everyone who works at pepelwerk was hired through our Hiring Hub. Not only do we practice what we preach, but we share the value of what we do with our clients. pepelwerk’s WorkHub is a user-friendly recruitment platform that enables you to create job profiles, posts jobs, showcase your company culture and manage candidate matches and on-demand staff. Powered by AI, the platform uses intelligent skills-matching software to deliver relevant candidate matches for your jobs. And it integrates with a wide range of software solutions and systems. It’s your go-to hiring solution!

Traditional hiring practices don’t fit the modern worker.