Smooth Transition: How Helps Fort Hood Military Personnel Transition into Civilian Life

How is Helping Fort Hood with Military Personnel Transitioning into Civilian Life

Fort Hood military base, located in Killeen, Texas, is one of the largest military installations in the world. It is home to over 35,000 soldiers and their families. As soldiers complete their service, many face an incredibly difficult transition into civilian life. Fortunately, is there to help.

What Is is a marketplace connecting talent and companies. Their platform supports military personnel, college graduates, and early professionals in finding and acquiring jobs. also works with companies to help create job opportunities for military personnel transitioning into the civilian workforce.

How Does Help Military Personnel?

    • helps military personnel by creating job opportunities that match their skills and experience.

    • provides guidance and support in creating resumes, interviewing, and developing job skills.

    • helps military personnel identify career paths that match their interests.

How Does Help Companies?

    • connects companies with a diverse pool of talented individuals.

    • helps companies develop job descriptions that target military personnel.

    • helps companies understand how to best support military personnel in their workforce. and Fort Hood

Fort Hood and have partnered together to help soldiers transition into the workforce. has helped create job opportunities for many soldiers already, and continues to work towards creating more. By working together, and Fort Hood are helping soldiers transition into civilian life with the security of knowing they have support and guidance in their job search.