In today's dynamic business landscape, companies striving for success understand the critical role of a skilled and well-aligned workforce. To address the challenges posed by in-demand jobs, a strategic and simple approach to upskilling and reskilling your employees is key to keeping things running smoothly as your companies needs change.

This knowledge base article outlines how to using Skilling inside of Career Services Module to upskill, reskill and develop your current employees.

Section 1: Build your Skills Based Job Profiles:

Section 2: Create Your Skilling Access Code in your Career Services Module

Section 3: Activate Your Access and Monitor the Matching and Development progress of your Employees.

Why do companies use pepelwerk Skilling Feature?

Investing in skill development ensures that your employees are equipped to excel in their roles.

  • Automate Offering relevant training programs, workshops, and online courses.
  • Encourage continuous learning to keep pace with industry changes.
  • Simplify implementing a mentorship or coaching programs to support employees' growth.
  • Ensures that you always get the right candidate for the job: Regular assessment of fit ensures that you're hiring and development strategies remain effective.
  • Helps both you and your employees easily adapt to change

Skilling Your Employees is Win-Win

Skilling and developing a workforce that aligns with in-demand jobs and fits well within the organization's culture, job requirements, and team dynamics is a strategic endeavor. By making it possible for your employees to skill up, reskill or develop their knowledge, companies can optimize their recruitment and development efforts, leading to a skilled, motivated, and agile workforce poised for success in an ever-changing job market.