Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be part of almost every technology conversation lately, with lots of headlines and opinions on whether it’s a good or bad thing. But it’s not a black-and-white question. It’s got many layers, and as someone that’s seeking a career to meet your work-life goals, you’re probably wondering how the technology helps you. 

An AI applicant tracking system (ATS) can yield benefits, but keep in mind that they aren’t all the same. Ultimately, how the platform leverages AI is what matters.

When a system leverages AI for more than just simple matching, it delivers lots of benefits to you. Let’s peek behind the curtains of the technology to see how AI applicant tracking systems work for you. 


What is the role of AI in an ATS?

In simple terms, AI makes applications smarter. It supports faster workflows and greater functionality. As a job seeker, you benefit from many of these efficiencies. It helps workers throughout the recruitment journey when:


Applying for Jobs

AI can automatically convert resumes to the fields in an ATS, so the process is much shorter. These systems have become much better at this parsing, but you likely still find the standard application process arduous. It can be discouraging, but there are alternatives with solutions that don’t require applications. Instead, they use AI to match you with jobs



An ATS can deliver automated communications about the process. Lack of communication is one of the biggest frustrations job seekers have. 



A digital assistant can coordinate schedules for interviews. This cuts down on the back-and-forth of emails or text messages.


Determining Company Culture and Team Dynamics Fit

AI can also be useful for assessing if you’ll be a good fit culturally with the company. These exercises are beneficial, helping you be more confident that you’ll thrive in this new environment. 


Evaluating Resumes

AI can scan and comprehend your resume, and if you have the skills and qualities a company identified as important, the bot will send you through for consideration. There are downsides to using AI in evaluating job fit (more on this later). However, advanced AI and machine learning are improving applicant tracking systems. 


AI applicant tracking systems are evolving.

Applicant tracking systems joined the recruitment ecosystem over two decades ago to coincide with job boards going digital. Their initial function was to manage applications. At first, using an ATS was convenient for workers and employers. However, these systems have had hiccups as they attempted to parse information from resumes.

These systems now encompass a variety of recruitment software, and AI has become a recent addition to the ATS infrastructure. 

AI can be useful, but only when it does more than check for keywords. You'll get rejected if you don’t have the specific keywords a company is looking for on your resume. This means a human may never evaluate your qualifications because of word choice! You’re more than a piece of paper, so there’s a better way to use AI too.

An AI applicant tracking software, such as pepelwerk, does more than this. The platform’s AI acts as an augmenter for humans. It uses data from job profiles and talent profiles to match based on attributes, attitudes and abilities. As a result, the matches are more relevant, and the system highlights you as a good fit based on your total profile.


AI applicant tracking systems have more benefits.

AI in the pepelwerk platform offers more benefits for job seekers, including:

  • Removing unconscious bias from the process. 
  • Helping you find a career path if you’re not sure what to do next through assessments and predictive data. It can then advise you on the education to pursue to be qualified for the job.
  • Setting and reaching your work-life goals, which you can document and track in the platform. 


pepelwerk is the new way to find a career.

These AI benefits are only part of the pepelwerk experience. You can connect with mentors and coaches, take assessments and attend events with employers. It’s people-centered technology that supports you throughout your journey.

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