Using job boards is a traditional way to attract candidates to your open positions. Although employers heavily rely on them, they don’t always yield great results. Job boards focus on keywords, which aren’t always accurate. In fact, they can be quite messy and chaotic.

Many employers are now expanding the way they recruit and hire. Hiring hubs are emerging as an effective way to find qualified applicants who could become highly valued employees in the future. In this post, we’ll talk about the messiness of job boards and what you can expect when using a hiring hub instead.


The Messiness of Job Boards

You may think job boards are the only way to reach a broad audience with your openings. They are the standard option, after all. However, the ways in which people seek jobs and advance their careers have evolved, whereas job boards haven’t.


In reality, job boards are messy and come with a variety of disadvantages for companies, including:

  • They are costly for a standard placement and even more expensive for featured ones, with no guarantee that you’ll get any return on this investment.
  • They aren’t always user-friendly and could require a lot of your valuable time throughout the process, from the initial listing to reviewing applicants to responding to candidates. 
  • They rely on resumes to recommend applicants, which are often outdated relics in recruitment. Job boards often depend on exact keyword matches and don’t always consider the candidate’s full skill set, experience and goals.
  • Their screening options are minimal, at best, and anyone can apply. As a result, you could be sifting through numerous inadequate resumes.
  • They are often ineffective when you’re seeking executives or seasoned employees because they don’t provide sufficient parameters to verify applicants at these levels.


Do these points sound familiar and frustrating? If so, you’ll want to learn all about the alternative — hiring hubs.


What Are Hiring Hubs?

A hiring hub is a platform that connects employers with candidates using AI technology. AI is a pivotal aspect of a hiring hub, and it’s something that most job boards don’t leverage. Even when they do, it’s basic, at best, and still focuses on keywords. The AI that a hiring hub utilizes is much more sophisticated, providing an effective career-matching system that helps you connect with suitable candidates.

This AI enables matching based on attributes rather than keywords. In addition, it matches the job profile to the skill set in a candidate’s profile, combining human and technical data points to find the best fit.

Resumes and job descriptions are formally retired with a hiring hub. Instead, candidates create talent profiles, and employers create job profiles. Then the AI-driven matching process occurs. 

With this technology driving your recruiting, you can realize many benefits.


Hiring Hubs Save You Time and Energy

Instead of reviewing hundreds of resumes from job boards, a hiring hub is more likely to deliver job seekers with experience and skills that make them great candidates for your company. 

With innovative technology like this, you’ll be viewing only the best applicants. In the end, it will significantly reduce the amount of energy you expend. It could also shrink the average time to hire.


Hiring Managers Need to Be Efficient, Hiring Hubs Provide This

As a hiring manager, you have a full plate. You need more efficiency in the process so you have more time to spend on more strategic work. Building a steady talent pipeline doesn’t have to be overly complicated when you rely on a hiring hub. The features available will enable you to be proactive and make decisions based on solid data.


With a hiring hub, you’ll gain efficiency in several ways, including:

  • Simplification of sourcing.
  • Ensuring diverse and inclusive practices.
  • Integrating with your existing HR tech stack.
  • The opportunity to incorporate workforce development.


It’s the modern way of hiring and recruiting that’s revolutionizing the industry.


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