Modern Recruitment Solutions for Companies in 2024

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Twenty years ago, being an employer meant something entirely different from what it means today. Even 5 years ago! Work and jobs are different, the tools that people use to get work are different, and job seekers’ attitude to work has changed a great deal. The only constant is the concept of getting paid a set amount in exchange for doing something for someone else. Oh, and taxes… So, how do you approach being an employer in this new decade? We explore what it means to be an employer in 2024 and why companies need to embrace modern hiring solutions.


Being an Employer in the Digital Era

Being an employer in the digital era is not easy. Businesses are under a lot of pressure to keep up with new technologies and heightened consumer demand. The new generation has high expectations from products and service providers, in terms of speed, reliability, experience and customer service.
What does that mean for employers? Cultural change, resource planning, digital transformation, and change management. Companies need to future-proof their business for the jobs of tomorrow. Being an employer in 2024 and beyond means being open to new recruitment methods and modern hiring solutions, and understanding the needs and behaviors of Millennials and Gen Zers.

Choosing the Right Solutions, Service Providers and Consultants

As your business grows, the people looking for a piece of that business grows. Be strategic about the software solutions that you choose, the motives of their business and the expertise of the service providers. We are in an uber-saturated market, where you can be selective because there are so many choices available.
So, do your research, take product trials and judge the suitability and potential impact of the software solutions and tech partners available to you. There are some killer people-centric tech companies out there, helping businesses to streamline processes and consolidate systems, including modern hiring solutions. The right integrations and partners can enhance your business offering and prepare you for the future of work.


Introduce New Solutions at the Right Stage of the Business Growth

Small businesses often try to pay for big-business solutions. There is a reason why B2B solutions use the terms “small”, “medium”, “large” and “jumbo-size” employers. One-size-fits-all solutions are rare, especially in the HR world. Different businesses have unique demands. So, it’s important to introduce new solutions at the right time for your business, at the right stage in its growth journey.
If you’re a business owner, CEO or board member, the general rule of thumb is that the more heads you manage the more money you make, and the more locations you’re in the more attention you’ll get – good and bad. Knowing when to apply new solutions is critical to reducing bad attention. Managing people and change in a strategic, measured way helps businesses to grow at the speed of change and maintain a strong brand reputation.
Modern hiring solutions like pepelwerk offer scalability. In pepelwerk’s case, you pay one flat monthly fee for all your hiring needs. As your business grows and your staffing needs change, our tiered structure can seamlessly accommodate this.


Don’t be Afraid to be Informed

Merriam defines an employer as “one that employs or makes use of something or somebody; a person or company that provides a job paying wages or a salary to one or more people.” The Department of Labor (DOL) determines if you’re an employer based on “economic reality”. Why do these things matter? Calling yourself an employer doesn’t mean the same as hiring. And hiring doesn’t mean that you’re free from legal responsibilities. The government needs your sales tax and employment tax. Classifying and capturing those taxes, and determining who is at fault when human welfare is in question, are what matter to them.
So, when you decide to hire, being informed about your options is crucial. If you need advice on what’s required of you when hiring new candidates, we can help. We offer modern hiring solutions, backed by recruitment and HR consultants who’ve hired for every industry you can think of over the past 25 years. Get in touch via the pepelwerk website!


Recruit Strategically with Modern Hiring Solutions

When hiring, be clear about what you expect from prospective employees and what value exchange you provide to each other. Work with your managers to define exactly what you need. Our recommendation: don’t overhire and don’t over commit.
Keeping the working world moving is a partnership and, when it gets too complex, we’re here to help small and mid-size businesses navigate it effectively. pepelwerk offers modern hiring solutions for the digital era. Our Hiring Hub enables companies to post jobs, match with ideal job candidates based on the skills they require and manage candidates through to employment, all in one place! Whatever your industry you’re in, companies hiring can recruit smarter with pepelwerk.


Summary: Modernize Your Hiring Process

Want to stay relevant as an employer? Then modernize your hiring process, embrace change and prepare for the future workforce. To thrive as an employer in 2024 and beyond, you need to:

Assess and select the right solutions to help your business grow
Implement solutions at the right time
Manage people and change strategically
Stay informed about your responsibilities
Reduce manual processes with a smarter hiring approach
The working world is changing fast, so it’s time to move on from outdated hiring methods. Modern hiring solutions are available to companies hiring better suited to today’s working world. We’re in the “Experience Era” and you need to prepare for and engage with the next generation of job seekers.

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