Today’s working world is new territory for almost any company. Major shifts in the past few years have changed people’s perceptions about work and how they find jobs. As a result, you must evolve so top candidates find your business to be an attractive place to work. It’s time to reconsider your recruitment framework using modern job-matching tools.


How is the workforce landscape changing, and what does it mean for employers?

There are so many ways for people to find and get jobs, and most job seekers aren’t happy with the traditional and standard methods available. 


They are all too aware of the limitations within these “boxes.” They are exhausted by the resume game and realize that applicant tracking systems (ATS) will reject them if they don’t have the precise keyword in the document. In a survey of job seekers, they said their top frustrations were not hearing back from employers, lengthy submission processes and required qualifications or degrees that may not impact their ability to do the job.

These experiences are becoming the norm, and candidates are looking for alternatives via networking and referrals. They are eager to connect with companies in a new way besides using a job board. Since most industries still need new hires, competition remains fierce, and you need to differentiate your company using modern recruiting tools. Failure to move forward in ways that make recruiting and hiring more equitable could leave you with more unfilled positions. 

What are modern recruiting tools, and why do you need them?

Modern recruiting tools aren't ATS or job boards — those are the tools of yesterday. Modern recruiting tools use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to match candidate profiles with job profiles. There are no job descriptions, resumes or applications.  

How do AI and ML work in this type of platform? AI uses insights, data and learnings to deliver more relevant matching with advanced algorithms that focus on:

  • Word matching beyond the exact use of terms to include similar ones.
  • Skills matching that compares the abilities in a profile to the ones sought for the role.
  • Combined data that leverages human and technical data points. 


You can also be more efficient using the streamlined process candidate-matching software, such as pepelwerk, offers. Everything happens within the platform, which immediately removes those frustrations described earlier. Feedback is easy to deliver. Candidates don’t have to go through lengthy submission guidelines, and you’ll be practicing skills-based hiring instead of limiting the search to those with a specific degree.

With all these efficiencies and more aligned matching, you can also see your cost per hire decrease, which is one more reason to invest in modern job-matching tools.

This innovation in hiring is like matchmaking for the working world. Check out the short video below for more information. 

When you transition to this type of recruiting, you can proactively keep your recruitment pipeline flowing by finding candidates with great potential. This new technology also enables you to develop candidates with potential that an ATS would have rejected. 


Job-matching tools support skilling and upskilling.

Not every candidate will have the specific skills you need, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be a valuable employee. It’s worth developing a candidate with potential who has drive and a passion for your industry.


Job-matching tools provide you with the space to do this. You can connect with a candidate through the platform and let them know you’re interested and what specific ability you would like them to develop. From there, they can find the education or credentials to strengthen their qualifications.  


pepelwerk is the future of job-matching tools.

If you want to attract the best candidates in a way that’s effective, reduces costs and is outcome-based, pepelwerk is the technology for you. It’s people-centered and uncomplicated. It’s a turnkey solution to help you navigate hiring in the 21st century based on data.

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