Getting a job is a big part of life. After all, most of us spend more time working than doing almost any other activity. That’s why you want to make sure a job is the right fit before you invest time and effort into the process. 


Finding a job that’s the best fit based on your goals, attitudes, attitude and abilities can be challenging, and the tools available often come up short. A talent-matching platform makes this process easier and more accessible than going it alone.  


What is a talent-matching platform?

A talent-matching platform is a unique solution that empowers candidates by helping them identify a career they want and the training needed to achieve it.


These platforms aren’t resume-based tools; users create skills-based profiles with much deeper insights than what a resume portrays. There’s no searching and applying on such a platform. Instead, artificial intelligence (AI) matches job seekers and employers.


Talent-matching platforms provide resources, including assessments and coaching, to enable you to determine which jobs are a good fit and how to get them.


Talent-matching platforms can remove a lot of uncertainty.

The only thing that’s certain is uncertainty. You may feel unsure of your next move as you decide what you want to do and what you need to do and have to get there — and that’s OK! A talent-matching platform can reveal deep insights about what kind of job will propel your success. As a result, you’ll be more confident in your next steps and can worry less about your future.


Using a talent-matching platform helps you reach your work-life goals.

A career-matching platform is a vital tool to keep you moving on your career journey. Here’s how the process works and what benefits you will see.


Find out your best career fit. 

You start by taking assessments. Then AI tools identify jobs you’ll want to pursue that are an excellent match to your skills and goals. Tapping into what you’re good at and what you like delivers tremendous value. It keeps you from wasting time training for a job that isn’t a long-term fit.


Tell employers who you are. 

Next, you can build a profile that documents your attitudes, attributes and abilities. You’ll do this in lieu of a resume so that you can represent yourself as a three-dimensional person beyond some words on paper.


Refine expectations and your career path.

You can also meet with coaches and mentors to refine your job expectations and career path. These experts have spent years in the career services industry and have insights and wisdom to share with you. Having these relationships has a positive effect on your career journey.


Learn what training you need to get the job.

Once you’ve landed on a career, you’ll receive recommendations on education and training you’ll need to achieve your career goals along with available tuition and savings programs. You’ll know the job you want and the education or training required to get it. Having this information before you enroll in college, technical programs or training courses can save you time and money. 


Changing majors can impact you financially. Doing so may delay your graduation date, meaning you have to pay more tuition to meet degree requirements. Through a talent-matching platform, you can invest in education to get you to the finish line of obtaining an in-demand job.


Get matched with jobs. 

Once you identify what you want to do and have the required skills, a talent-matching platform uses the data from your profile and jobs from employers and leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to deliver these matches. There are no applications. Instead, you’ll receive job match notifications.  


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