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AI Career Assistant to help young adults launch their goal job.

Guiding a young adult towards their future can be a daunting task. Simplify the process for both of you with pepelwerk’s AI Career Assistant and identity protection wallet.

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$1,050 for the 1st year

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What does an individual
growth partner do?

Individual growth partners help educate their audience about pēpelwerk as a tool by sharing information about us on their social media or content broadcast platforms. Growth partners want their audience to learn about how our personal AI Career Guide App can help them achieve their working, earning, learning and connecting goals. In exchange for helping us change the world, a growth partner receives compensation.

Skill-focused career management platform for your young adult.

pepelwerk offers an AI Career Assistant to help your young adults achieve their career goals, providing personalized AI career assessments and skill-based job matching. Our platform supports career development with course matching and professional coaching, tailored to each individual’s unique skills and aspirations.

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Join the thousands of parents who have launched their teenagers into successful adult lives.

Make the transition from student to work life as smooth as possible.

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Launch your young adult
into success.​

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